Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In 172 days, A Twentieth Century Passion will premier in the Jerusalem Theater, conducted by Barak Tal. Join us in Israel on October 17, 2016 for what will be the first of many performances.

Written by A. Peter Gary, A 20th Century Passion tells the story of the SHOAH, from the end of World War I through the Nuremberg trials. Trained as a classical composer/conductor, Peter pulled the words and music from the horrors of his personal experience under the Nazi’s. Three death camps could not break him. 

Dedicated to the 1.2 million children who perished, each one a heartbeat, the libretto and the music push the stark realities of the SHOAH into the face of the audience.  Peter was inspired to write A 20th Century Passion while attending the Bach Festival in Carmel, California. Over a 3 year period, he wrote and edited his greatest composition.

Peter has spent the last 25 years talking to young people – over 66,000 middle and high school students – about stamping out hate. To keep his legacy alive, there will be a documentary about his life, about how the concert came to be; there is a text for schools being developed with the libretto, a history of the Holocaust and a study guide. 

Liberated on his 21st birthday from Bergen-Belsen, weighing only 76 pounds, Peter, at 92 lives a full and robust life. Please help him experience his opus magnus by supporting A Twentieth Century Passion