July 30, 2016

We have been very very busy trying to raise the funds for the concert. As of today, we have 78 days to go. We need the money in the next 40 days.

A GOFUNDME campaign is up and running. Go there now…


Here’s the challenge. Instead of a latte today, make a pledge to the campaign. Then, challenge 5 friends to do the same – and they have to challenge 5 friends…let’s keep the challenge going until we are funded!

Thank you, Iris Colyn, for translating the libretto into Hebrew. What a great gift to the concert. In July, Nomi Yeshua of the Jerusalem Foundation was in Victoria. Ed Fitch, also on our committee, had met her in Jerusalem in May. What a person! What a foundation! They are on board to help us promote the concert, secure musicians and more. We are thrilled.

We met Randi Winter who led us to Doug Kooy…who is trying to lead us to others to help. We are grateful every step of the way.

We also mourn the loss of a great voice – Elie Wiesel – whose words will live forever. His passing makes the music of A 20th Century Passion that much more important…because music lives forever.

Please tell all of your friends … and donate TODAY.