It’s wonderful to talk about the concert happening on October 17, 2016. It’s equally wonderful to talk about a documentary that takes us through the history and into the concert.

Talk is cheap. Concerts and documentaries are not.

It is important that there be a visual as well as auditory record of how Peter came to write the Oratorio; very few classical composers survived the Shoah; fewer still went on to write a piece memorializing it. For future generations to understand how the piece came to be, a visual history is critical. You can be a part of that visual history. You will receive screen credit for your support by giving generously to enable David Malysheff to finish what he has started.

If you want to be a part of history, this is your moment. Support for the concert buys the fees for the soloists, the choirs and choir directors, the extra musicians and for the composer; it allows Peter Gary to travel to Israel and be in attendance at the world premiere of A Twentieth Century Passion.

A first time production of this magnitude requires more than a normal budget. Please help us reach our goal and bring A Twentieth Century Passion to life.

Don’t wait. Donate NOW.

For a tax receipt, you have two options: On line or via the mail.



Option 1: Electronically

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Option 2: By Mail

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Indicate on memo or via note: 20th Century Passion

A tax receipt will be mailed to the address on your check or letter.

A Message to US Donors


Thank you for assisting us! 

If you send a check in $USD, we will receive the exact amount that you donate.

However, if you donate online, we will receive approximately 25 - 30% less, as the Canadian dollar is devalued against the $USD. Canada Helps, the site that collects the funds, does not recognize the difference and thinks that $100 is $100 Canadian, which is only approximately $76 USD. If you would like to give $100, please enter a donation online of approximately $130. 

Your charge will reflect a lower amount. Thank you again.



Click on this button which will take you to our GOFUNDME campaign. No tax receipt, just lots of love!

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Hilary Pryor – Executive Producer, May Street Productions - Documentary

Barak Tal – Conductor

Judy Estrin – Fundraising, Website (also married to Peter Gary)